From waste to resource


The leader of this project and research group from Russia – Alexey Volkov.

Alexey Volkov is a head laboratory of polymeric membrane (LPM) and deputy director of Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of Russian Academy of Sciences (TIPS RAS).

The Russian research group will focus on the development of thermo-gradient methods to improve the conversion of the wastewaters treatment by recovering of salts of valuable metals in the solid form. Membrane crystallization method based on membrane distillation (utilization of low-grade heat or solar energy) together with crystallization process will be developed to effectively split the concentrated stream after nanofiltration, reverse osmosis or electrodialysis to two streams – pure water and the salts of presented metals in the form of crystals. The special attention will be given to facilitating of mass-transfer by using recently proposed porous condenser and possible fractionation of different metals during the crystallization. The appropriate model of mass and heat transfer will be developed to get an insight into this process and to optimize the process parameters. The approach of membrane crystallization will be applied to increase the conversion of wastewater treatment by utilization of brine solutions generated in the processes developed by other teams of the consortium.