From waste to resource


The project leader of research group from China – Tao He.

Dr. He is the director and professor of Membrane Materials and Separation Technology at SARI, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Chinese research group will focus on the development of thermal driven membrane process based on low-grade heat and the novel selective membrane extraction technology. Pre-concentrated brine is further concentrated to extract pure water to near saturation using membrane distillation (MD). Valuable products in the brine is then purified using membrane extraction (ME).

In MD, We will focus on understanding the fundamental of scaling/fouling at a hydrophobic/liquid/vapor interface. We would design superhydrophobic, omniophobic, hydrophilic/hydrophobic composite surfaces to be challenged in various water streams. High-value metal ions in concentrated brine, as Li, Sc, Co, and others, will be extracted using ME; In ME, no loss of organic extractant occurs. The focus will be development of acid/organic resistant membranes for extraction purpose.