From waste to resource

International Workshop “Membranes for Water Management and Waste to Resources with Special Focus on NextGen Membrane Technology” successfully held in Kolkata


The International Workshop “Membranes for water management and waste to resources with special focus on NextGen membrane technology” took place November 5-6 in Kolkata, India. The workshop was focused on futuristic technologies for clean energy and green environment. Around 30 participants from 5 different countries and regions, including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa attended the workshop. Intensive discussions were held on NextGen Membrane Technology amongst experts in the field of wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor, development on new ceramic and polymeric membranes and applications of membrane contactors. Exchange of ideas from multidisciplinary subjects promoted potential close collaborations, allowing us to exchange the latest progress and perspectives on future development in our own research fields. The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for all senior and junior scientists and engineers who attended.

A day before of the workshop, November 4, a meeting was held within the framework of the BRICS project “From waste to resource”, where the results of the work of the all project participating countries were presented and future prospects for the development of the project were discussed. The meeting made it possible to improve interaction between the countries in the search for new integrated and synergetic solutions on effective processing of wastewaters for recovery of valuable metals and pure water.